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Solaris produces both multiarticulated and GTx trams. The Tramino Poznań is an example of the former type of vehicles, while Olsztyn, Jena and Braunschweig represent the latter. In these GTx trams, every body section runs on its own bogie. In 2012, Solaris delivered 22 Solaris Tramino to Poznań City Transport. It was the second part of the delivery of 45 vehicles ordered by the local operator. Poznań is not the only Polish city to have ordered Solaris trams. Olsztyn, the capital of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, signed a contract for the delivery of 15 bi-directional, 29-metre long vehicles. They will have six sets of double doors on each side, providing easy and comfortable access to the completely low floor throughout the tram. Fitted with 36 seats, these vehicles will be able to accommodate more than 230 passengers in total.
In June 2011, Solaris signed its first foreign contract for the delivery of its trams to Jena. Five bi-directional, 29.3 metre long vehicles were delivered in the second half of 2013. They will be adapted for 1000 mm track gauge.
At the turn of 2015 the German city of Braunschweig will receive 18 four-section, 35.7-metre trams. They will be the longest Tramino constructed so far. The local operator initially ordered 15 units and has also exercised an option to purchase an additional three vehicles.
But this is only the beginning of the Tramino's international travel. The trams' varied construction and parameters enable Solaris to adapt its offer to different customers' needs.
Tramino trams are manufactured in Solaris's own plants located in Środa Wielkopolska (bodyframes) and in Poznań (final assembly). Those factories are equipped with state-of-the-art machines and tools which optimise the manufacturing process and provide customers with products meeting highest requirements. This aim is achieved also with the help of many advanced and thoroughly tested design solutions. In the Solaris Tramino Poznań, for example, powered bogies have motors and gear assembly mounted on their outer side. This solution extends the operational lifetime of trams and enables them to run even on poor quality rails. The Tramino has been prepared for mounting supercapacitors which reduce its power consumption. The systems of air conditioning, traction, braking, lighting and door assemblies are connected via a bus system, which ensures efficient monitoring and diagnostics. All these solutions are designed to guarantee the reliability of Tramino trams in all conditions.
The interior is designed to ensure the functionality and security of the tram and comfortable travel of its passengers. The tram is lined with aesthetic, easy to maintain and durable plastic parts that meet all fire protection standards. Moreover, these elements have sound and thermal insulating properties, ensuring comfortable travel of passengers both in winter and summer conditions. The bottom part of the vehicle is additionally protected with thick, flexible protective layer that dampens noise. Designers particularly focused on obtaining an efficient air flow and air conditioning in the passenger compartment and driver’s cab. This is ensured by automatically activated fans and heaters as well as hopper windows. The Tramino is also equipped with an ergonomic seat mounted in its air-conditioned driver’s cabin. All devices for operating the tram are within the easy reach of the driver and devices for on-board information and control are very well visible. This provides the driver with a very comfortable workplace.

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